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for Frontline Healthcare workers

If you feel alone, anxious and frustrated, you are not alone. 


Virtual ASSEMBLY OF prayer



March 21, 2020

from the journal of David Wong, Toronto Anesthesiologist

As a frontline anesthesiologist, my job is to intubate the sickest

COVID-19 patients experiencing severe hypoxemia. Tracheal intubation is amongst the highest risk procedures; it is aerosol generating, the intubator is within inches from the patient’s mouth, and critically ill patients have the highest viral load.

March 22, 2020

from the journal of David Wong, Toronto Anesthesiologist

This powerful testimony from Dr. Julian Urban was like a ray of sunshine through a sea of dark clouds. Yes, these are unprecedented times of danger, death, fear and anxiety. But it’s also a time of unprecedented opportunities; we can be agents of Christ in bringing love, care, and hope to desperate people with physical sickness and emotional distress.


March 31, 2020

from the journal of David Wong, Toronto Anesthesiologist

In the Bible, Queen Esther was called upon to appeal to the King and save lives of her people for such a time as this. As a health care worker, I believe I am placed at where I am for such a time as this- in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, the dangers of infection are real and the risks of intubation high. Yet, God has taken away my fear and has given me the courage to bring hope and love, to the sick, lonely, isolated, and fearful.

Photo of Stephanie Morales. Courtesy of Samaritan's purse

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Virtual Assembly of Prayer during the time of COVID-19.

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