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About us

KOE stands for Kingdom on Earth

Seek Kingdom Impact: In what we do, at where we're sent


Christians of all professions, across the world, arise and shine in Christ, by Spirit power, with Father’s love, to live life to the full, so many are drawn to a relationship with Jesus to also live life to the full.


KOE Ministry equips Christians of all professions, hunger and thirst to live life to its fullest in Jesus,

to arise and shine in what they do, at where they are sent, so many are attracted to have life to the full in Christ as well.

We offer:

  • Discipleship programs

  • Faith-building life groups, prayer groups and communities

  • Faith-sharing conferences and digital platforms

So they may be built up in faith to:

  • Arise to live out God’s divine purpose

  • Shine God’s glory in their life-stories

  • Tell their life-stories so others are attracted to have a relationship with Jesus to live life to the full

Core Values

  • Worship Jesus as our Lord and first love as the highest priority

  • Operate in the power of the Spirit through prayer

  • Seek God’s Kingdom, glory and honour in everything

  • Live by the Word of God

  • Unite in one Spirit and in love

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